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Read our tips and thoughts about remote work.

Most Common Questions about Remote Work

Happy Remote Work is a remote job aggregator that aims to facilitate how people can find remote jobs. We don’t focus only on part-time remote jobs but also to help people find permanent full-time remote jobs.

You can find different types of remote jobs, from easy to work with limited to no skills jobs like Remote Data Entry Jobs, to more specific that require practical experience like Remote Software Engineer Jobs.

As a remote employee, remote work experience gives you control over your lifestyle, offering you better work life balance, less stress. And the flexibility to work from anywhere with people around the world, even the meetings can be online.

As an employer hiring, remote teams widening your pool of selection gives you the opportunity to hire the best talents with no limit to the location. Save the huge amount of money you spend on office furniture, bills, and maintenance.

Remote Jobs and Freelance is totally different, working remotely is the same as working from an office or company either full-time or part-time job. the only difference is that you work from your home or anywhere from your choice, but sometimes employers restrict the job to a specific country or city due to a lot of things like time zones or the need to have a regular team gathering events or the need to physical meetings.

Freelance Jobs is limited to one task or more to be done fora fixed price you agree with the employer or to be paid on an hourly basis. and the relation between both of you ended with the delivery of the task.