Be ready to transform the way you work, Tips and tricks to make you a qualified Remote Employee.

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Remote work post-COVID-19 is considered very ordinary and familiar for both the employees and employers. Although for some jobs it’s impossible to be transformed to fully remote work due to its duties which require physical interactions.

Beyond this, it’s also becoming increasingly clear just what proportion it’ll shape our future, especially with reference to how businesses look to deploy and enable their workforces moving forwards.

Life will inevitably return to some quite normal but the way we work will never be an equivalent, which is going to be good for us all.

Define your goal.

So you decided to start a remote work career or you’re forced due to the pandemic impact, it’s wise to start by defining why you need to start a remote job, for example, may you need to start a remote job for just staying with your family, reduce commuting time and benefit from that wasted time in learning new things or just living a better calm life.

Recent research by Owl Labs found that full-time remote employees reported being happy in their jobs 22% more than workers who are never remote.

For sure everything in our life has its Pros and Cons, so defining your goal helps you be satisfied with this fateful decision.

Assess your current skills.

Before you start searching for remote jobs you need to know your Strength points which is a set of skill competencies that should match remote job needs. 

For example, Self-discipline, remote employees should be able to work on their own and be organized, deadline-driven, and accountable even when you work independently and no one follows up with you every hour.

In addition to that remote employees should be great communicators, because you may communicate with a team distributed around the world with a different culture, specialties.

For example, making effective remote online meetings consider one of the challenges for each remote worker.

Make a plan to fill the skills gap.

Starting to search for a remote job does not mean that you must fulfill all the needed skills.

There will be a gap between the skills you own and the skills needed by any new job vacancy, not only the remote jobs. 

After analyzing the skills you own and the needed skills it’s time to make a plan.

Write a plan and force yourself to follow, set a deadline for each point. 

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Asking a professional will remove the doubt.

Reaching a consultant to help you set the plan is a perfect idea, nowadays there are a lot of remote career consultants and coaches through online remote jobs courses or having live 1-1 consultation via Zoom.


Moving to work remotely is a good choice for those who fit with it, remote work culture needs adaptability and being well-organized, results-oriented, self-discipline and aware of technology and remote work tools.


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