Take the Long View: Holiday Employment and Long-Term Opportunity

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If you’re thinking about getting a holiday job this season but just aren’t sure, consider that seasonal work can be more than just a way to earn a few extra bucks for gift-buying or bill-paying.

True, it’s a good way to go if you are only looking for temporary work. But for many people, a holiday season job is afoot in the door to a much larger, more lucrative, and lasting opportunity. So when you apply for a temporary retail or warehouse job, don’t think of it as temporary.

Imagine yourself five years down the road, in a job you love, making good money, and no longer needing a temporary job at any time of year.

Don’t wait

The holiday hiring season starts earlier each year. If your timeframe is December, chances are you’ll miss out because most employers do their hiring by mid-November, so they have time to train and get people in place for the holiday rush (which generally kicks into high gear before Thanksgiving).

By December 1, most companies that do seasonal hiring are too busy to be focused on any more hiring, so apply early and come ready to work.

Cast a wide net

One of the best things about seasonal work is the wide range of opportunities available. For example, you can go to work for a retailer as a shipper, customer service rep, security person, greeter, merchandiser or receiving clerk. Delivery companies like FedEx and UPS are looking for sorters, loaders, delivery driver assistants, data entry assistants, and more. Most of the larger companies use seasonal hiring as an opportunity to find well-qualified and motivated long-term employees who exhibit productivity and show potential for advancement.

Show flexibility

Perhaps the wisest thing you can do is express your willingness to be flexible throughout the holiday season. It’ll greatly increase your chances to land the position of your choice, setting you apart from other candidates who just aren’t interested in working on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.

Be aware that work shifts may vary widely during the holidays; they need you when they need you, so make sure your interviewer is clear that you’ll be available as needed.

If your aim is to find a long-term career opportunity, this might be your best chance to get what you want.

Ace the interview

You’ve written and submitted a comprehensive and well-organized resume, now it’s time to make your case directly to a hiring manager in person. The interview is your chance to make a great personal impression and to show off what you’ve learned about the company.

If you’ve ever been in an interview, you know an interviewer will ask what you know about the company you propose to work for, so it’ll be necessary to spend some time online and do your homework.

Write down some questions to ask; a few things will harm your chances of being hired more than saying you don’t have any questions.

It makes it look as though you’re not really that interested in the company, and that you’re just going through the motions. Show genuine interest during the interview and look professional; being well-dressed and well-groomed will help convince an interviewer of your sincerity.

Explore other options 

Of course, there are other ways to make extra money or seek a long-term opportunity than applying with a large retail company. If that sort of thing just isn’t for you, consider starting your own pet-sitting or dog-walking service.

Another idea is to work remotely as a virtual assistant. With a reliable internet connection, capable laptop, and lightweight and comfortable headset, you’ll be able to start earning money out of your own home. Visit Happy Remote to find many more remote work opportunities that suit your skillset.

Holiday hiring doesn’t have to be a short-term proposition; for an ambitious individual with a long-term vision for himself, the job you earn on the eve of the Christmas rush can be your ticket to years of happy employment and financial gain. It’s up to you to make the most of the opportunity.


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