Tips for Effective Online meetings for Remote Workers

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2020 has shown us that it’s becoming more and more important to work from home. That’s why many people are looking for remote jobs, but they still need to communicate with a central office. This is why you need to find the right way to initiate online meetings and make them more productive. How can you do that when you are working from home? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Establish the right agenda beforehand.

The importance of communication while working remote is pivotal. Which is why we recommend you to focus on creating the right meeting agenda. Once you do that, it will be easier for everyone to understand what they have to do and what tasks to complete. Ideally, you also want to have a start and end time for the meeting, as remote jobs don’t really need super long meetings.

Personalize the Online meeting.

It’s always a good idea to personalize the meeting if everyone is working from home. It just makes the meeting feel a lot more cohesive and that can really help. What you should do here is to use backgrounds, choose how the speaker can be seen by others and so on. Every little detail matters and it will make the meeting stand out of the crowd.

Assign talking points to every attendee.

Remote Meetings Tips for Remote Teams
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One of the challenges that come with meetings is that only a few people get to talk and share their ideas. When it comes to online meetings, it makes a lot of sense to assign speaking points to every person. This way everyone will get to talk, share their vision and that can help your business quite a bit. You also want to assign follow ups and responsibilities to every member of that meeting. This way you boost productivity and everyone will have the best results.

Stick with a small number of participants.

The main purpose of an online meeting is to boost productivity and figure out future plans. However, online meetings can have challenges, since there can be sound quality problems, distractions, and a poor connection.

What you really need to do here is to stick to just a few people when you create a meeting. It certainly helps you a lot, and it will give you a very impressive experience every time.

Use breakout rooms.

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The idea here is that you want to break larger groups into smaller ones. If you need to talk with a certain department, you can initiate a separate conversation with them. It’s a very good system since you can easily shift between groups for the best results.


Optimizing the way, you perform your online meetings while you are working remotely can be a very good idea if you want to boost the way you work from home. It will take a bit of time to set up a proper online meeting system, but you should always adapt and adjust as needed. In the end, it’s possible to have great meetings if you work from home, all you need is to prepare adequately and try out ways to optimize the experience. These tips above are a great starting point, and you can always customize them the way you want!


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