Why it’s not easy to land remote programming jobs while there are many vacancies?

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While it seems easy to find a remote programming jobs because of the nature of the job that assumes that it can be done remotely and all you need is a good laptop and internet connection.

The part that people are not considering is that nature makes a huge competition between talents to land the remote programming job.

Due to the COVID-19 effect, The demand for remote programming jobs is really high.

COVID-19 caused a very high search volume for remote jobs, and sure that added another complication to the competition because many Silicon Valley giants laid off thousands of employees to cut off costs.

The tech industry has cut more than 40,000 jobs so far according to Bloomberg

Imagine Thousands of employees laid-off big companies at Silicon Valley are joined the competition with you on the available remote programming jobs.

Source: Layoffs.fyi

Remote Programming Jobs Require Good Communication Skills

Working remotely as a Software Programmer needs a lot of skills and for sure one of them is good communication skills, making good software isn’t about a smart programmer using a laptop and drinking coffee during writing some lines of code.

It’s teamwork between designers, quality engineers, developers, and business stakeholders.

When you’re not physically meeting your team all of you miss small details that made the difference for the project, so when companies searching for remote programmers they are very picky on that part.

So in your remote job interview, you should focus on expressing yourself confidently, asking good questions, talking about your ideas loudly.

Starting with a Good Resume is the cornerstone of obtaining the jobs.

Employers are bound to be choosing candidates who particularly stand out from their competition. The first impression are taken from you resume.

Writing a good resume that the recruiter feels it’s suitable for the job is a crucial step.

So you need to read the job post very well, visit the company website and know about it’s business and how the company drive-in revenues.

You should customize your resume to fit with the job, no one fit all here.
Read carefully and analyze the Job description and map your skills to fit it.

During the Interview Stay calm and Stay confident.

  • Rehearse basic interview questions.
  • Prepare a good location for the interview that make you more focus without any interuption.
  • Make sure you are well seated and have everything in front of you 10 minutes before the interview.Make eye contact with your interviewers and feel comfortable.
  • Market yourself specially if you have a previous experince with projects in the same business domain.
  • Showcase your skills and knowledge about remote working and how to do it efficiently.

Finally, we advise you to try to apply and experience more remote jobs interviews, so you can have more insights into what you need.

Every time you do an interview you gain more experience on your strengths and weak points. so keep trying.


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