5 Working Remotely Skills That Every Remote Worker Should Master.

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The need to be working remotely has been increased lately due to the lockdown and the spread of COVID-19.

At first, it was a shock to both employees and employers especially those who didn’t use to work from home or outside the office and communicating over the internet.

A few months later, employees adapted to the new work style, and many remote employees have found that it’s a good idea to continue working remotely from home as remote full-time employees.

In this article, we will share the most important skills you need to master so you can start working remotely.

1- Good Time Management is Critical.

You need to be able to manage your time yourself without anyone to follow-up with you. this didn’t mean that you will not communicate with your peers or managers but it’s better to do it yourself.

Using tools like Google Calendar or Todo Lists at the start of your day is a good option so you plan your day ahead and the apps remind you.

Also, it works great to track your time so you know where every minute has been gone.

Using Time Doctor tracks the time worked by everyone on your team and gives you a breakdown by client, project, and task. See time spent working and time wasted. Identify inefficiencies. Find the projects and tasks that occupy your team’s time.

2- Effective Communications Is Most Important Skill When You Start Working Remotely.

Working remotely may be hard for introverted people who can’t communicate well or avoiding communication with others, many details may be lost between the calls. or misunderstanding because everyone sees the issues from his perspective.

So it’s more than important to have effective remote communication skills.

The communication is not only using a Software or a Tool, it’s a personal skill that you need to improve and read about it’s practices.

Prepare a Communication Plan.

In a nutshell Communication Plan is a policy that describes the responsibility of each one in your team and who to go to whenever you need something.

Set Goals and Take Notes.

Set a goal before your online meeting takes down notes or write meeting minutes, remember you should share the meeting goal or agenda with the online meeting attendee before your meeting with enough time to let him be prepared.

Also, sharing the meeting minutes after the end of the meeting to clarify what you agreed on during the meeting.

3- Be Organized.

As mentioned at the start of this article that time management is crucial when you start to work from home. Also being organized and working according to weekly/ daily plans is a must. at the beginning of your day and while you are taking your coffee. try to prepare your to-do list.

Using a tool like Trello for your personal task management is a perfect idea to help you take control over your day/ week or generally over your day-to-day tasks. It also helps you feel your accomplishment.

4- Be Proactive.

It’s common that everyone to be focused while working remotely. but sometimes this results in being only seeing things from one angle, You should be proactive with others. Ask questions go down for the little details, working remotely is not about being away from others, try to help your teammates. or reach them as early as possible to get feedback, this will save time and save both of you from going in the wrong direction.

5- Master The Tools.

The tools are an important part when you are working remotely because using it the right way will save time and make you more confident.

You should know how to configure your computer, Mic, Headphone for Video calls, also troubleshoots techniques.

Most Needed Tools for Remote Work

Here’s a list with the most common apps that remote teams use in their daily tasks and meetings.

Video and Calls for Online Meetings

Task Mamagement

Collaboration and File Sharing


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